Warplane 06
Warplane 06
Convair B-58 Hustler
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Nico Braas

Warplane 06

Convair B-58 Hustler

When the B-58 Hustler bomber entered service in 1958 it was a very futuristic looking delta wing bomber creating a lot of sensation. Intended as a successor of the B-47 Stratojet it was capable of reaching twice the speed of sound.
However, development went not without problems and costs risings went so out of control that the whole project was almost cancelled a few times. Strategic Air Command was initially against ordering the B-58 for service, not only because of its complexity but also since they saw no advantage of a Mach 2 bomber over other types. In spite of this the B-58 entered into service at S.A.C. in 1960. It would have a relatively short operational career...
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Nico Braas

Dutch author Nico Braas (1946-2022) had flying experience on many types of gliders. His main interest was aircrafts built as prototype or in small numbers. He owned a personal archive of thousands of images world-wide. Covering the period 1930 till today. He also had a collection of technical info and drawings of most aircraft types; and an impressive library of aeronautical books. A number of articles have been published in various magazines. Nico Braas is also the author of the Machtrainer book.