Crash Course Spanish • Language Passport ENG-SPA for iPhone and iPad, door Michael Ietswaart


What do you need to learn a new language?
Words: There is no language without words. But which words? Language Passport Spanish Crash Course contains a selection of 600 important high frequency words for everyday communication, subdivided into 17 logical word groups.

Phrases: Keep it short and simple. Make short sentences. Say, hello (hola), good morning (buenos días), my name is… (mi nombre es…), goodbye (adiós) etc. Language Passport contains a selection of useful phrases for meeting people and for traveling.

Verbs: The verb structure of Spanish is not very easy. On the Language Passport you will find a brief summary of the Spanish verb system and some important frequently used irregular verbs, such as: ser / estar (to be), tener (to have), ir (to go) etc.

Pronunciation: How do you pronounce the Spanish words and phrases correctly? Tap on the word or phrase you want to hear and listen to the easy-to-follow, professional-quality native speaker from Latin America and repeat after him.

Broaden your horizon and make your first step over the Spanish language barrier with Language Passport!

1. Essential “meeting people” phrases
2. Essential “travelling” phrases
3. 30 “build your own”phrases
4. Vacation words
5. The world, the sun, the moon, etc
6. Transport and travelling
7. Animals, plant, tree, flowers etc.
8. In and around the house
9. Good, better, best, positive things
10. The body and clothes
11. Bad, worse, worst, negative things
12. Communication, to talk, to listen etc.
13. Food and drinks
14. Money
15. The family
16. The time, days of the week etc.
17. Who? What? Where?
18. Numbers
19. Adjectives and colors
20. Prepostitions and location
21. Verbsystem regular verbs
22. Important irregular verbs

Requires iOS 5.0 orlater. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This app is optimised for iPhone 5.

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This app is developed by WalburgPers in cooperation with Michaël Ietswaart and Touchinski Touchapps.

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Spanish Crash Course


Language Passport ENG-SPA for iPhone and iPad


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